Manager in Training

Our Manager-in-Training (MIT) Program is hands-down one of the most exciting, rewarding and unique opportunities for anyone seeking a challenge and an adventure! Trainees learn the “ins and outs” of property management through an experiential Training Program that begins on-site at one of our beautiful communities across the country. Throughout the Program, Trainees travel nationally from coast-to-coast to work at several of our nearly 100 communities. Trainees quickly learn from seasoned experts in the field how to lease, how to market and how to provide the very best in customer service to our residents. After mastering the sales and marketing aspects of the job, Trainees are exposed to assistant manager responsibilities that delve into rent collections, lease renewals, and resident relations. Once Trainees are comfortable with these aspects of the job, they advance into management roles! Our Community Managers are ultimately responsible for the leadership and management of the leasing team and the community. You are taught to evaluate competitive markets, set rents, manage all of the day-to-day aspects of any given community, and ultimately run a multi-million dollar business. At the culmination of this Program, you’ll be running your own communities!

The Perks

Management In Training image Management In Training image
  • WE train you and help you build a long-term career (several of our partners started in this role!)
  • WE pay for your flights, rental cars and give you a food allowance
  • WE put you in a fully furnished apartment (we call this a “bunk”)
  • WE fly you home (or to a requested destination) for a long weekend every other week
  • WE support and encourage you along the way
  • YOU develop exceptional sales, marketing, leadership, and managerial skills
  • YOU will grow as an individual and as a professional
  • YOU will have the opportunity to see the country on our dime
  • YOU keep all your frequent flyer miles
  • YOU meet people from all walks of life, and make life-long friends (we have over 40 Trainees at any given time!)


Management In Training image
  • Competitive salary and bonuses
  • Opportunities for advancement based on performance (not time on the job)
  • Health, dental & vision insurance
  • All travel, accommodations and car rental paid by the company*
  • Tickets every 11 days to a destination of your choice inside the continental US*
  • Paid holidays, vacation and sick time
  • 401k Retirement plan & employer match
  • Apartment discounts
  • Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Employee discounts

Your Schedule

Trainees typically work an 11-3 rotation. This means they fly out on a Monday and work at their assigned location Monday through Saturday. While on assignment, Sunday is a day off. The Trainee then works Monday through Thursday before flying home to enjoy a three day weekend with Friday, Saturday and Sunday off!

Program FAQ’s

How fast does one move through the Program?

That’s up to you! Our Trainees truly set the pace. We train you and provide you the opportunity to master each role. Once you’re ready, we increase your responsibilities. The work is fast-paced, ever-changing and very rewarding. You’ll be amazed at all you will learn and accomplish in this role!

What is my title after I’m “out of the program”?

Trainees are often referred to internally as “Travelers”. As the name indicates, the Trainees are true road warriors. Travelers have been the backbone of our management department for decades as they are quickly able to travel to new locations and “Aspenize” our new communities. Established in 1990 as we grew throughout the country, the Program provides a launching pad into the exciting field of real estate /multi-family housing.

Who coordinates my travel?

In the MIT Program, you work closely with our team of district and nationals managers. Aspen’s corporate travel guru books all of your flights and rentals. (Although some restrictions apply to your off weekend travel, the accommodations remain very generous AND you can fly someone to see you instead of going home. Once hired, you’ll hear all the exciting details!)

How do I apply?

Simply click the following link below to start your application and request an interview: