Our History

Nearly sixty years ago, Mr. Harold Grinspoon parlayed his humble roots, extraordinary work ethic, experience in the navy and various jobs post-navy, into real estate. He borrowed money to buy a run-down two-family home in West Springfield. He fixed up that property, sold it, and used the proceeds from the sale to purchase a four-family home, then a six-family home and then a 10 unit building. About thirty-five years ago, he began to assemble a team that would ultimately help him lead and grow Aspen Square Management into one of the largest privately held property management firms in the country. Entrepreneurial, financially sound, and well known as a respected leader in the industry, Aspen has been successful and profitable each and every year in business.

Mr. Grinspoon's first property

Mr. Grinspoon launched the Harold Grinspoon Foundation (HGF) in 1991 to support a number of philanthropic interests. In 2015, Harold and his wife, Diane, signed the giving pledge alongside Warren Buffett. To learn more about the Foundation, visit hgf.org.