Meet Karla

Talent Acquistion Specialist


"After joining Aspen in 2017, I am happy to say that I found the place that I belong. Aspen is not just another corporate company; it is a family. Working at Aspen is so much fun because there is never a dull day! With so many great leaders and managers, Aspen is a company that cares about people and is very team focused! I am so proud to be an Aspenite!"

Karla  In Action

What Karla Does

Talent Acquistion Specialist

As a Talent Acquisition Specialist, I help seek talented individuals to join the Aspen family. I work closely with our teams across the country to fulfill our hiring needs. From the Maintenance and Operations Teams to the Management Teams, I interview candidates on a daily basis and enjoy speaking with them about all the great opportunities that Aspen has to offer.

Karla's Career at Aspen

Karla  Career Path

I joined Aspen in January 2017 after years of working across several industries. I was seeking stability and an organization that I could grow with. Aspen approached me with a job opportunity and took a chance with me. My Aspen career began in Atlanta, GA, where I was assigned the role of Marketing and Leasing Consultant at an affordable community. I was blessed with a spectacular team that listened, coached, and mentored me throughout my onboarding process. Consequently, I fell in love with the ability to lease-up communities. The step-by-step team effort that eventually led to a smiling individual, couple, and family was a process that I was hooked on! After a few months, I was given the opportunity to take my skill set on the road and join the Traveling Management Team. I ventured through several successful assignments and was privileged to travel and live-in states such as Massachusetts, Michigan, and Illinois –places I had never been to before. My time on the road allowed me to experience different markets, team dynamics, and strategies. Most importantly, it allowed me to learn what makes Aspen so great –our service culture that goes above and beyond for customer satisfaction. When an opportunity arose to come off the road, I relocated to South Florida. Aspen once again, as it always does, accommodated me by offering me a permanent position at one of their properties in South Florida as a Property Manager of Aspen’s second-largest asset. I loved spending my days caring for my residents, learning a little every day, and paying it forward by mentoring my team. I was then presented with a great opportunity to join the Recruiting Department. Now, as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, I get to seek and help onboard talented and hardworking individuals that contribute to making Aspen the great company that it is.