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Jeremy Pava

"I really had no idea what the apartment industry was all about when I started with Aspen. Who grows up dreaming of a career in the apartment business? But from day one Aspen has always provided me the opportunity to grow, learn new skills and take on new responsibilities in an exciting, challenging and entrepreneurial industry. I came to Aspen planning on staying six months until going back to School to get an MBA but I’ve enjoyed it so much I’ve now been with Aspen for over 35 years!"

Jeremy Pava In Action

What Jeremy Does


As President, I have the privilege of working with and overseeing all the amazing employees at Aspen Square to make sure we execute our mission as a company- to make sure our residents have the best possible living environment and our employees are challenged, inspired, and productive.

Jeremy's Career at Aspen

Jeremy Pava Career Path

Harold Grinspoon hired me right after I had graduated from college on a temporary basis. My first assignment was an accounting clerk which meant I did all the jobs no one else in the department had time to do! The following fall I deferred my business school acceptance when I was promoted to an accountant role. I was assigned responsibility for real estate taxes, property and liability insurance, mortgage payments as well as other general accounting duties. My duties expanded to include tax planning and investments and because I was learning so much and gaining responsibilities, I decided to forgo business school and continue with Aspen. A few years later when the Controller left for another position, I was offered his role. The company continued to grow, and I was offered increased responsibilities including running the finance department. Ultimately, I was promoted to CFO. This role expanded my horizons by exposing me to so many other areas of the business and served as great training for my becoming President of the company. As I have learned over the years with Aspen, what counts is not so much what degrees you have or what schools you went to but what initiative you have and what you can contribute. My commitment is to preserve and strengthen our special culture so that other employees can enjoy the same opportunities I have been so fortunate to have.