Meet Asia

District Manager


"When I stumbled across Aspen eight years ago, I had no idea how much my life was about to change. Over the years I have been privileged to travel the country and work alongside some of the brightest minds this industry has to offer. My job quickly became a career, and I haven’t looked back since!"

Asia  In Action

What Asia Does

District Manager

As a District Supervisor I have the privilege of overseeing a portfolio of communities where our goal is to provide exceptional apartment living. I work alongside and support a team of extremely talented and driven individuals who have the “whatever it takes” attitude and accept nothing less than excellence. My favorite part of the job is putting people in their strength zones and then watching them soar.

Asia's Career at Aspen

Asia  Career Path

I first heard about Aspen Square Management when I came home from a restaurant shift one night and decided to do a random job search on Craigslist. Who knew that at 2:00 AM that morning on my laptop I was about to find my dream job! I began my career in Orlando, Florida as a Leasing and Marketing Consultant with zero experience in the industry. Luckily, Aspen offers all the training and tools you need to succeed, and I quickly fell in love with the multifamily housing industry. I was then offered the opportunity to travel and assist with stabilizing new acquisitions and student lease ups all over the country. Over the years I have worked at twenty-five different properties in nine different states and met incredible people along the way. I realized that my passion was in building, leading, and developing successful teams. That coupled with my flexibility to relocate, afforded me many exciting opportunities. I am grateful that Aspen saw the potential and took a chance on me all those years ago, and I’m looking forward to a lifetime of creating those same opportunities for others. This is home.