Meet Alison

Talent Acquisition Specialist


"Transition from a traveling position to being the Community Manager at Aspen’s largest property has allowed me to build a team that I can continue to watch and help grow within different roles at Aspen."

Alison  In Action

What Alison Does

Talent Acquisition Specialist

After growing the teams at the various sites that I have been a part of, I now have the opportunity to help find the perfect talent for our teams nationwide! Meeting and connecting with prospective employees, getting to know the supervisor’s wants & needs for different roles, and facilitating the interview processes are all part of my day-to-day. I love seeing the impact my role in the recruiting team has had on making an on-site team feel complete, and especially love getting future employees excited about their career with Aspen in the initial stages of meeting with us!

Alison's Career at Aspen

Alison  Career Path

Coming from a retail background, I loved the challenge of an ever-changing environment but hated the long, sporadic hours, working nights, and every weekend. With my role as a Manager in Training, I was able to keep the ever-changing, challenging role but welcome more stable hours, not to mention the additional benefits you can never receive at a traditional desk job! I began as a Traveling Manager and worked multiple properties from coast to coast. Eventually I decided that an equally challenging endeavor would be to put down roots and feel real ownership of a community, which can only truly be found when you are not anticipating the next move. I was offered to become the Community Manager of Aspen’s second largest asset, and like my career, finally have the property well routed in the community to hit new growth. While there, I was able to recruit and help train a fantastic team with a focus on building enough bench strength that everyone was prepared to step into their next role, whenever that would come. My success there brought about another opportunity I could not pass up–moving to Naples, Florida to manage the largest asset that Aspen owns! Once again, I have set forth on recruiting and training an amazing team of “Aspenites,” who will one day without a doubt be able to step up a fulfill any role or challenge Aspen has for them!