Visit the Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary, the Largest Reptile Sanctuary in the United States

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It’s not too hard to find fun critters in Arizona. In fact, the climate makes it a perfect habitat for reptiles of all sizes. But where’s the best place to see all the reptiles and learn and interact with them? This is where the Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary comes in handy. The largest herpetology sanctuary in the United States, they’re a non-profit organization that focuses on education and rescue and rehabilitation.

Woman holding Iguana

When you come in for a tour, you'll meet your tour guide before they take you through the facility. Tour guides are always happy to answer any questions you have about the reptiles and let you see them up close and personal when possible. Want to feel their scaly skin? Sometimes your tour guide will let you hold some of the reptiles.

Man holding baby crocodiles

Visit a Croc Nursery to See Baby Crocodiles

Do you think crocodiles are cute? If you answered no, then you’ve probably never visited a croc nursery. See crocodiles of every size, from freshly hatched to full-grown and fearsome.

One the sanctuary's biggest efforts is rescue and rehabilitation, so while you're there you may see them working to rehabilitate animals that were rescued, abused, or confiscated from individual who possessed them illegally. For example, did you know it's illegal to own an alligator or crocodile unless you're a licensed zoo? that means some of these fearsome creatures might have been someone's pet at some point in their lives before becoming a happy member of the sanctuary.  

Teenager feeding tortoise

Reptile Education For Kids and Adults

The sanctuary has many events they love to host. One of them is the Junior Keeper Programs where kids can provide hands-on care to animals while learning about them. The education doesn't stop there! They also have camps for kids, field trips, a Reptile Club, Science Nights and so much more!

Reptile education isn't just for the kids. In fact, the sanctuary has plenty to offer for the adults. Take the animal handling course, enroll in a seminar, or even take the venomous training seminar. These opportunities are perfect for anyone who wants to learn more about these gorgeous creatures, or some into contact with them in their daily lives or job.

Venomous snake

See Venomous Snakes From Around the World

When you enter the Venom Room, you’ll be able to see some of the most see some of the most venomous snakes from around a world. The sanctuary also has a Non-Venomous Room where you can have the opportunity to hold and touch some of the non-venomous snakes.

If scales aren’t your thing, then you’re sure to love Mr. Chow! This otter is sure to win your heart and to be a great office helper! He's the only fluffy critter in the gang, so he'll be sure to win your heart!

No matter where you go in the sanctuary, you’re sure to learn or discover something new. Visit Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary or their Facebook page to learn more!

Phoenix Herpetological Sanctuary Address: 20701 N Scottsdale Rd #107, Scottsdale, AZ 85255

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