Simple Ways to Host a Memorable Thanksgiving in Your Apartment

Aspen Square Management Blog Post

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means it might be time for you to start thinking about what’s on your to-do list for the holiday. Residents of our apartments are ready to host their families in their open-concept kitchens this year. Whether it’s your turn to host, or if you’re always the designated chef, we have some simple ways to make your holiday more memorable this year.

Thanksgiving pumpkin centerpeice

Table Runner Full of Memories

A table runner is a simple, but easy way to dress up your Thanksgiving table. While you can go with some of the classic table runners you find in stores, you can also create a custom one. Find a plain canvas table runner and purchase some fabric markers. As guests arrive, have them write a message of what they’re thankful for, or write their name on the runner. Over the years, add in messages and use the table runner as a keepsake as time goes by.

A Fall Table Setting

You don’t need expensive China to create a beautiful table setting. Whether your plates are old and worn, or new and colorful, use a cloth napkin and fall foliage to make your table setting Pinterest-worthy. Whether its gourds, pumpkin, leaves or other foliage, bringing the outside in, to spark up the table with color.

Pinecone Name Tags

Set-up your table setting and add in a few name tags! Name tags don’t have to be elaborate or expensive. In fact, you can create one with the supplies in your house and your backyard. If you have a few pinecones laying around, bring them inside for some crafting. Write names on cardstock paper and decorate however you’d like. Separate the folds of the pinecone and place the name tags in-between the folds until the paper stands on its own. And just like that, you have a name tag!

Kraft Paper Tablecloth for the Kids Table

Expecting some kiddos at your Thanksgiving this year? Keep them entertained at their table without disturbing the adults. Head to the store and buy a roll of Kraft paper to use instead of a tablecloth. Lay out a few crayons at the kids table and they’ll be entertained while food is being served, all while staying at the table!

No matter what you do for Thanksgiving this year, be sure enjoy your time with your family and live in the moment!