Living in an Established Community vs. New Construction

a blueprint for a new construction structure with a metal ruler and black pen on top
By: Morgan Wagner

Finding the perfect apartment to call home is a big decision that requires careful consideration of various factors. Nowadays, new construction apartment communities seem to be popping up all over the place, making the choice between an established apartment community and a new construction one an inevitable decision. While both options have their merits, there's something uniquely appealing about established apartment communities. In this blog post, we'll delve into those unique benefits of opting for the comfort, character, and community offered by established apartment complexes compared to the allure of new construction.


One of the most notable advantages of established apartment communities lies in the charm of their atmosphere. These communities have evolved over the years, creating a distinct character that new construction complexes lack. The mature landscaping, well-worn pathways, and the overall aesthetic appeal lend a certain warmth and coziness that comes only with age. New construction communities often have features that may seem appealing at first, such as elevators and new, shiny modern amenities, however, you can quickly begin to feel as though you are living every day in a hotel rather than a unique, cozy, and homey community.

Time-Tested Care

When moving into an established apartment community, tenants can benefit from a proven track record of quality living conditions. For example, Aspen Square Management has a legacy spanning over 60 years, in which they have perfected their approach to caring for their residents and communities. Although Aspen Square has apartment homes all over the country, there is peace of mind in knowing your resident experience will be in the hands of highly experienced management. Established communities have also had time to gain reviews, word-of-mouth recommendations, and online resources that can offer insights into the actual living experience. With new construction communities, everything may look beautiful and new upon opening, but there is a degree of uncertainty about how well the construction will hold up over time, if the new landscaping and amenities will be maintained, and how management will address potential issues.

Sense of Community

Established apartment communities foster a strong sense of community and relationships among residents. Long-term tenants often create a welcoming environment where neighbors know each other by name and form bonds that extend beyond the walls of their apartments. Regular events, gatherings, and shared spaces contribute to a feeling of belonging and interconnectedness that can be hard to replicate in new construction communities.

In conclusion, while the attraction of new construction apartments is undeniable, there's a certain allure to established apartment communities that goes beyond the latest amenities and contemporary designs. The timeless charm, established amenities, strong sense of community, and proven quality all contribute to a living experience that feels more like settling into a welcoming neighborhood rather than just a dwelling. Choosing an established apartment community is an invitation to be a part of a time-tested environment that offers comfort, connection, and character!