Play, Build, and Create at Lego Land!

Published July 24, 2019

Want to bring your child's favorite toy to life? No, we're not talking about Toy Story, we're talking about Lego Land Discovery Center! This is the perfect place for your kids to come to build, learn, and let their creativity soar! So what's inside Lego Land? A lot of things! Admire Miniland and see a city made completely of legos, or start your own building!

Ready to start working? You can build your own cars and test them on the tracks! Race your friends or see if you can beat your own personal record!

Take a trip on Merlin's Apprentice Ride to experience magical potions and cast a spell or two! And that's not the only ride! There's also Kingdom Quest where you can go on quest to rescue the princess and fight trolls and skeletons along the way!

Have a love for dinosaurs? Head over to the Dino Explorer, a brand new exhibit full of activities that will have your kids learning, laughing and building!

Want to know how legos are made? Get in on this important secret and take the Lego Factory Tour!

When your kids are done building be sure to bring them to the Lego City Play Zone  to climb walls and the jungle gym, or play on the slides. If they still want to build in the Play Zone, there are always legos close by!

If you have small kids, Duplo Farm will be the perfect place for children ages two to five who are ready to play. Build a flower garden or explore the barn!

If you're ready to start building, be sure to start planning your Lego Land visit today!

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July 24, 2019

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