Design Your Dream Apartment with Havenly

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Have you ever looked at magazines or watched TV and wished that your living room or bedroom looked as good? The Home and Garden channel is full of talented designers to bring these homes from drab to fab, and now it's your turn!

Havenly is a great tool to put talented interior designers in your back pocket! Without leaving the comfort of your home, you can work with a designer to create a room that you're sure to love!

How Do You Design a Room with Havenly?

The process is simple and you're in control every step of the way! In fact, we started designing a room with Havenly and we can't wait to show you the results! The design we created was for Banyan Bay in Jacksonville, Florida using the floor plan: The Cypress, a three bedroom, two bath apartment.

Step 1: Take the Style Quiz

Before you can start working with your designer, you'll need to figure out what style you're looking for! Take Havenly's style quiz and find out if you're looking for rustic, boho, or modern! You'll also be able to give measurements of your room, your design budget, and any other information your designer will need.

Step 2: Choosing Your Interior Designer

The key to a design you'll love is finding the perfect interior designer! Once you begin the design process for the room of your choice, you'll be given a list of designers as well as their portfolio so you can get a taste for their style. Pick someone who aligns with your personal style!

Step 3: Starting Your Design

Once you choose your designer, they'll look through all the information you've provided and begin to create style boards for you. These boards will give samples of different design elements and help you get a feel for what your room could become. Go through the style boards and rate the different elements so your designer can create the design for your room!

interior design concept with

Step 4: Review Your Layout

After working with your designer to discover what you do and don't like in your apartment, it will be time to get your layout! Your layout is the design created for you to help you visualize how your room would look. This can include the new furniture, decor, curtains and more! Review your layout and let your designer know of any changes you'd like to make. Once everything looks perfect, you'll be able to purchase any of the pieces that were used in your design. Purchase it all and re-create the design in your own apartment!

Havenly design concept for Aspen Square Management
Havenly design concept for Aspen Square Management

Start the Design for Your Apartment!

Like what you see? You can start designing with Havenly today when you use the code ASPENSQUARE20OFF for 20% off any design package. This coupon code expires January 12th, 2020.