Celebrate National Cake Day With These Florida Bakeries

Published November 26, 2019

Did you know November 26th is National Cake Day? That’s right! That’s an entire day dedicated to appreciating the sweetness of cakes. If you live at our apartments in Florida, then you’re in for a treat, because we’re pointing out some of our favorite bakeries in the area! Let’s celebrate National Cake Day and dig into some sweets!

national cake day

Gideon’s Bakehouse

Residents of our apartments in Orlando will fall in love with Gideon’ Bakehouse. While they’re known for having the best cookies in Florida, their cakes will ignite your taste buds. Their recipes come from an 1898 diary of a young boy named Gideon. With a combination of his vintage recipes and a little bit of modern flair, Gideon’s Bakehouse was born!

Sweet Theory Baking Co.

Welcome to Sweet Theory Baking, where you can experience specialty and custom cakes of all flavors! Just minutes from our Jacksonville apartments, whenever you need a treat, Sweet Theory will be there for you. Besides the typical cake flavors, they also have chocolate lavender, chai, maple and many others.

Jodi’s Cupcakes and More

Looking for cake near our apartments in Boca Raton? Head to Jodi’s Cupcakes and More! If you’re a fan of cookie cakes, this will be the place to go! Not only does this bakery have regular cakes in varying flavors, but they also have large cookie cakes. They can even put an image on your cake for you!

Betty Cakes Bakery and Café

Where’s the best place to find cute cake near our apartments in Ocala, Florida? Betty Cakes Bakery and Café will be your best bet. With cute designs for every occasion, you’ll have a hard time choosing which cake to take home. While you’re there, be sure to take advantage of the café if you need a bite for lunch or grab some of their daily special soups!

The Glass Knife Café

Residents of our apartments in Winter Park will have to make sure they take a visit the The Glass Knife Café. While this is a great place to stop in for lunch, what will stick in your memory will be the cakes! Their signature cakes, Berries and Crème and Chocolate Truffle, taste like nothing you’ve ever experienced before. If you’re the only one eating cake, be sure to try one of their petite cakes, the perfect size to keep it all to yourself.

Jacqueline’s Bakery and Café

Jacqueline’s Bakery and Café, located close to our apartments in Melbourne, will be a great stop when you’re looking for a classic French cake. The baker, Jacqueline, earned her culinary training in Paris, France, bringing the recipes back home for us to try. From Côte d’Opale to Bavarois aux Trois Chocolats, these French cakes are full of great taste!

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