A Cat Café Near You in Orlando, Florida

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Everyone has their favorite café, but we’re willing to bet it’s nothing like the Orlando Cat Café. What is a cat café exactly? It’s exactly what it sounds like! Come in for a cup of coffee, but while we’re there, stop by to say hello to some of the furry residents. The Orlando Cat Café is located just around the corner from our apartments in Orlando, Florida, so whenever you need a furry pick-me-up, know you can always stop by for a visit.

cute kitten in blanket

How the Cat Café Works

While it may look like an ordinary café from the outside, when you step in, you’ll see an added bonus: the cat play area! While you can always come in, order a coffee and admire the cats from a distance, many people love to get up close and personal by entering the play area. The play area has a small entrance see of $8 for an adult, and $4 for children. Because there is a limited amount of people allowed in the play area, it is recommended to reserve your spot online or call (352) 989-4820 to make an appointment. Once you’re inside the play area, sit down and let the cats some to you. From there, the purring will commence!

Rules of the Cat Café

Since the play area of the café will be full of adorable cats and kittens, there are some rules in place to ensure your safety, as well as the safety of the cats!

  • All children under 12 need to be supervised by an adult while they’re playing with the cats.
  • Please leave your own furry friends at home.
  • Sanitize your hands before entering the cat play area.
  • Cats have sensitive ears, so speak quietly in the cat play area, silence your phones, and take phone calls outside.
  • Lets the cats come to you and don’t chase them.
  • Take lots of pictures but do so without the use any flash. Orlando Cat Café is on Instagram and love to see your photos, so please tag them with @orlandocatcafe and use #orlandocatcafe.
  • Find a staff member if you’d like to hold a cat.
  • Please don’t sit, stand or climb on anything designated for the cats.
  • The café has plenty of cat toys, so please don’t bring your own.
  • The cats are all on a special diet, so please don’t feed them anything.
  • If you see a cat sleeping, let them get their beauty rest and don’t wake them.

Adoptable Cats

If you visit the café and fall in love with one of the cats, there’s no need to worry at all! Each cat you see in the play area is up for adoption. At this time, the option fee is $100-$150 depending on the age of the cat. All proceeds from the adoption, go straight back the SPCA Florida where the cats originally come from. All cats are spayed/neutered, tested for common feline diseases, and are up to date on their vaccinations. The best part of all? Because the staff work with the cats every day, they will be happy to match you to the perfect cat! Looking for a cat who loves to play? Or maybe you’re looking for a kitten that loves to cuddle. Either way, one of the staff members is happy to help you find the perfect kitten.

What You Need to Adopt

If you do plan on adopting, make sure you come prepared! And of course make sure you’re ready for the commitment of having a furry friend to take care of! Here's what you'll need:

  • Valid photo ID
  • Contact your landlord to check that cats are allowed in your home. The good news is, if you live in one of the Aspen Square communities, you already know you can bring a cat home to your apartment! Make sure to bring your leasing agreement to the café for proof in order to adopt.
  • If you have other pets in your apartment already, please bring vaccination records or your veterinary's phone number.
  • Provide two personal references and let them know Orlando Cat Café will be contacting them.
  • Bring a carrier so you can bring your fluffy friend home! Cats are not allowed to leave without a proper cat carrier.

Cat Events

The fun doesn't just end with cuddling with cats. You've heard of goat yoga, and now it’s time to introduce you to cat yoga. That’s right, do yoga all while the cats come walking through. They might jump up on your belly when you’re in bridge pose, or crawl under you in downward dog. But don’t forget, cats will always be the best at cat pose. They'll show you how it’s done.

Cat yoga isn’t the only event going on the Orlando Cat Café. They also have trivia nights, tea parties, and so much more! Visit their website for a full list of events!

If you’re ready to meet at the adoptable kitties on your community, stop by Orlando Cats Café!

532 Cagan Park Ave.
Clermont, FL 34714