5 Ways to Experience Michigan's Fall Color Tour

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Fall is a favorite season of our residents for many reasons, whether it is the weather, the pumpkins, or maybe they just love seeing the leaves change color each year. It’s no secret that Michigan loves to celebrate with a color tour to find the perfect way to enjoy the changing leaves, but what’s the best way to enjoy the sights? In today’s blog post, we have five ways for you to experience Michigan’s fall colors!

Michigan Railroad in the fall

Ride a Train with Southern Michigan Railroad

Enjoy a two-hour train ride through the colorful valley of Tecumseh. While there are many ways to enjoy the sites, a train ride is many locals' favorites. When you ride with Southern Michigan Railroad, you’ll have had the option to ride in an open-air gondola or the fully enclosed Memorial Caboose. The train runs during the Appleumpkin Festival in October, which you can also attend for crafts, live music, food trucks and so much more! Book your train ride by visiting Southern Michigan Railroad, which is about an hour and drive from our apartments in Fenton and Grand Blanc, Michigan.

Drive Through A Tunnel of Trees

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to be surrounded by trees in the peak of autumn? The road on M-119 is one of the most iconic in Michigan for viewing the color tour and starts in Harbor Springs and ends in Cross Village. The road wings along Lake Michigan and along the way you’ll be able to stop and experience local shops and restaurants. Learn more about the Tunnel of Trees and some places you’ll want to see along the way. To experience this scenic drive, it’s about a three-hour trip from our apartments.

Kayak Down the Chippewa River

Did you know the Chippewa Nature Center hosts its own kayaking color tour? Fall is the perfect time of year to enjoy paddling down the river, not only for the cool weather but also because you’re sure to love the colorful leaves along the way. Kayak rentals are $30 a person, so if this sounds like the perfect way to experience the season, be sure to register online with Chippewa Nature Center, an hour and a half drive from our apartments in Fenton and Grand Blanc, Michigan.

Bike Path in Michigan in the fall

Ride Your Bike Through the Colors!

If you’ve been looking for the perfect bike trail, then you’ll love Bicentennial Park Pathway. This trail is paved asphalt, making it ideal for any bike rider. It spans about 2.7 miles, starting in on Grand Blanc Road and ending on Hill Road, just east of I-75. You’ll even pass a dog park as you ride. Parking is available at Creasey Bicentennial Park, 1505 East Grand Blanc Road, Grand Blanc, Michigan. Ready to get your bike out? It’s only a ten-minute drive from our apartments in Fenton and Grand Blanc, Michigan.

Hike to Finish Your Color Tour!

It’s possible the best way to experience the color-changing leaves of the fall is to hike. While there are many trails to be discovered around the area, one of our favorites is Dauner Martin Nature Sanctuary. The sanctuary is 155 acres and is just minutes from the city limits. There are plenty of trails to explore, ranging from 0.6 miles to 2.5 miles. Learn more about what you’ll see on the trails by visiting Michigan Trail Maps. To start hiking, you’ll only need to drive about 20 minutes from our apartments in Fenton and Grand Blanc, Michigan.

How are you experiencing the Color Tour this year? Let us know!