5 Simple Ways to Spice Up Your Apartment for the Fall

Aspen Square Management Blog Post

Does the cool weather have you feeling inspired to break out the fuzzy sweaters and hot apple cider? While you’re outside admiring the changing leaves, you can also bring the fall decor into your home with just a few accessories. We’ve got five simple ways you can decorate your apartment for the season!

Fall apartment decor


They aren’t just for Spring! Flowers can be a simple way to bring color into your home. Some of the most popular flowers for the fall are lilies, chrysanthemums, daisies, roses, and sunflowers. If you’d like to give your flower arrangement even more character, try adding in wheat grass or another type of grass into the mix.

Pumpkins & Gourdes

Not confident in your ability to create a flower arrangement? That’s where the pumpkins and gourdes can step in. You could carve a pumpkin and leave it out on your patio or get a bunch of small pumpkins and gourdes and leave them around your apartment to decorate the counters or side tables. If you’re looking for a more modern, but will fall look, try out some of the white pumpkins for decor.

Pumpkin Fall apartment decor

Accent Pillows

What’s the easiest way to decorate your bedroom or living room, and be able to re-use it every year? Accent pillows can easily change the vibe of your room. Pick out something with a natural texture like burlap, or perhaps you want to channel in the changing leaves with a pillow that had red or orange tones.

Throw Blanket

Just like an accent pillow, blankets are another easy way to decorate a room. Plus, with the cold weather coming, you and your guests will love to cuddle up in a warm fleece blanket. Flannel blankets are a classic fall favorite but choose a throw blanket that matches the rest of the fall decorations you’ve collected.

A Centerpiece

What’s the finishing touch to a festive fall apartment? A beautiful centerpiece for your dining room table will be your favorite part of your apartment, but where should you start? Centerpieces can be pumpkins, candles, mason jars, lanterns, flowers, and so much more. Play around with accessories until you find the right arrangement for you!

One of our favorite places to go for fall decor inspiration is Pinterest! In fact, we’ve created a Fall Apartment Décor board for you all to browse to help you feel inspired. We hope you enjoy decorating your apartment!