Tall wall conundrum? You’re not alone. Say you’ve just moved into the home of your dreams and can’t wait to start decorating. Unfortunately, that cathedral ceiling that first lured you in soon becomes the bane of your existence as you struggle to find a way to decorate the space. Just how do you bring a cohesive look to a room that has unusually tall walls? We have some ideas:


Tall walls and hanging textiles go hand in hand. Under your vaulted ceiling is the perfect place to hang Great Grandma’s handmade quilt or that Native American blanket you couldn’t pass up. The art you use in these high spaces must be large and bold; otherwise, the space will feel more cluttered than decorated.

Photo by Wickerfurniture via Flickr

Photo by Wickerfurniture via Flickr


Decorative mirrors work well placed high on tall walls. Opt for something oversized with a graphic frame, like a sunburst or stag horns. If you’re a fan of mid-century modern décor, consider a mirror replicated in the atomic design. If a single mirror looks dwarfed against your expansive walls, make a grouping of related shapes or frames.

Photo by ...love Maegan via Flickr

Photo by …love Maegan via Flickr

Traditional Art

Traditional wall art like paintings, photographs and fabric stretched across canvas can also be used to decorate tall walls. The key lies in remembering to go big and bold. Use nothing smaller than 16 inches by 20 inches. In this way, you can create groupings that add geometric interest to your high spaces without looking like you were grasping at straws to fill the space.

Photo by mattwalker69 via Flickr

Photo by mattwalker69 via Flickr

Single Point of Interest

Use one really large, unusual element mounted tall on the wall to draw the eye upward and add interest to your room. Think huge clock, vinyl mural or a single plank shelf that houses a collection like white ironstone dishes, pottery pieces or vintage tin advertising signs. By using a single element, placed high up the wall, your space maintains a minimalist feel while looking fully finished.

Photo by Wickerfurniture via Flickr

Photo by Wickerfurniture via Flickr

When you use this technique, it gives you leave to incorporate the things you love and collect into the space. Many antiquities that weren’t designed for hanging, things like old dishes, vintage motorcycle parts, designer baskets, antique dolls or old tin toys easily go vertical with the simple addition of a shelf. And you’ll have the added incentive of keeping them safe from curious children and pets.


Author:  Deborah Jones

Deb is an interior designer who loves clean, modern lines and dramatic lighting. When she’s not writing about design trends she volunteers at her son’s school.

Aspen Square Management and Waco Wellington announce that as of January 7, 2014 Luxe at 1300, formally known as The Overlook has been approved to rent to people under the age of 55. Portrait of a group of business people laughing against white backgroundA decision that was two years in making finally came to a conclusion after a Waco City Council vote to approve the change in zoning for the land at and around Placid Circle Luxe at 1300 is a luxury, high end mid-rise apartment complex only a minute’s drive to Baylor University. Living at this luxury community allows residents to relax in the sun at the sparkling Infinity Swimming pool. Residents won’t even have to worry about going to your apartment to cook because there is a chef-style grilling area for you and your friends to enjoy. Residents and their guests can catch a movie at the fully equipped Cinema. They can also stay fit using the professional gym with yoga studio or use the walking trail around the beautiful lakes that surround the community. At the Internet Café, residents will have access to computers and free printing or can take advantage of using our free Wi-Fi in the community area. Luxe at 1300 will now open its doors to all qualified renters so residents can now be the envy of all your friends, family and co-workers by calling Luxe your new home.

If you are interested in more information about renting at Luxe at 1300, contact information is as follows: Phone: 888-448-9152 Website: www.luxeat1300.com Email: luxe@aspensquare.com


Nearly a quarter of all renters moved between 2012 and 2013, according to the US Census Bureau. On top of being something you just have to do, moving ranks as one of the most stressful life events. A 2012 MyMove.com survey of 6,300 people gave moving an average score of 7 out of 10 in terms of stress. Only terrible events such as losing a job, getting a divorce or having a loved one die, beat it on the stress scale. While you can’t cover your ears with your hands and wait for the day to be over, you can make a few plans to reduce stressors on the big day.

Send Your Cat (or Kid) Away for the Day

If you think you’re stressed about the idea of moving, imagine how your pet feels. You have a clear idea of what’s going on. Your pet doesn’t and some pets, such as cats, aren’t big fans of change. Arrange things so that your pet isn’t running underfoot or barking at the movers on moving day.

One way to make sure your pet doesn’t get underfoot or run away on moving day is to hire a professional pet sitter. You can use the pet sitter finder from the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters to find someone qualified in your area. Have the pet sitter spend some time with your pet before the big day, so that the two have time to bond.

Kids are another concern on moving day. Your child might react negatively to the move and be in no mood to help out on moving day if it means he or she will have to leave friends behind. A young child or toddler can be a hindrance come moving day. If possible, hire a familiar babysitter to look after younger kids on moving day. Let your older child spend the day visiting his or her friends and saying good bye.

Of course, if your child is excited about the move and wants to help, let him or her. Assign simple tasks, such as putting color coded stickers on the moving boxes, so that your child feels more involved in the moving process.

Have the Dumpster Come to You

Moving with cardboardIn some cases, it costs more to move your furniture across the country or to your new apartment than it does to invest in new pieces. If your furniture is old and worn out, it makes sense to rent a dumpster for the day of the move or a few days before. Next Day Dumpsters offers dumpsters for rent in several sizes. Instead of bringing your worn out furniture or other stuff you don’t want to the landfill, you simply toss it in the dumpster.

Do a Final and a First Walk-Through

If you paid a security deposit when you rented the apartment, you want to get it back after you move out. Increase the chances that you’ll get the full deposit back by cleaning up your apartment completely before you leave. It’s also a good idea to do a walk-through with your landlord, one last time, so that you’re both on the same page. If there’s any damage that wasn’t there when you moved in, document it. Leave your new address and ask your landlord when you can expect to receive your deposit.

When you get to your new place, do a walk-through before you start moving anything in. If you see damage, take a picture of it and send the picture, as well as a report of the damage, to your new landlord.

Household pets are an excellent way to always have a friendly face around the house, often times bringing hours of joy and entertainment. Although pets are fun, they’re a ton of work to take care of, something only multiplied when apartment living comes into play.

The first major hurdle to overcome is your individual landlord or apartment community’s rules in regards to pets. Some are very lenient, while others will only allow certain types of pets, certain breeds, or even none at all. Once you’re sure your favorite feline friend is allowed to live with you, check out our top tips to sharing your apartment with a pet.

1.    Get a variety of toys and playful stands
With a limited space in relation to most households, your cat or dog will often get restless. Cats must sharpen their claws and dogs must gnaw on things to keep their teeth sharp. If toys or playscapes are limited, your pet may turn your favorite bed set into a useless pile of rags. Many stands or play sets made for cats or dogs can be found cheap at stores or online, and will take up a small space in your apartment home.

2.   Make sure you have access to outdoor spaceDogPark2
Are you going to have a private space off your apartment, is there a common lawn to use for pets, or would you need to leave the community to walk your pet? These are all questions you must find out before deciding on a new pet. Mostly with dogs, some of them require ample space to run and play, while other, smaller dogs can make do with a smaller lot. Understand the requirements a pet will need before deciding on a pet, or even before picking an apartment. Because we are such animal lovers, many of Aspen’s properties include paw parks, perfect for your furry friend to run around and make some new friends.

3.    Take care of your pet’s bathroom needs
There isn’t much worse than an improperly-trained house pet doing their business on your brand new living room rug. Making sure your new pet is properly house trained before leaving them alone for extended periods of time is crucial to a happy living situation. Begin with a designated, wired pen for them to spend most of their time before you’re confident they understand how and when to use the bathroom. Also, be sure to keep a cat’s (or dog’s) litter box constantly clean and fresh to avoid foul smells. All of Aspen’s pet friendly properties also include pet stations throughout the community so be sure to grab a bag and pick up after your furry friend!  3101-Place-0897

4.    Keep your pet healthy
A proper diet and regular veterinarian visits are a must to maintain pet healthiness. Proper pet food is specific to your pet, gender and breed, and feeding them a wrong food option could create major issues. Along with that, regular veterinarian checkups will help keep both you and your pet healthy for a long time.

By planning ahead and having a solid background of what your specific pet will require it’s possible to maintain a happy, cooperative, healthy relationship between yourself and your furry friend.

-Benjamin Sawicki

Congratulations! You’ve gradated from college and landed a good job; now comes the task of finding your new digs. Even though the media makes it feel like every college grad is being forced to keep his childhood address, a recent Accenture survey reports that 68 percent of 2013 college grads plan to leave the nest. To prepare for this new adventure, here are some financial tips to make the transition to "adult life" possible:Balcony

Know Your Monthly Income and Expenses

Before you start looking up apartments, you need to determine how much money you have coming in each month. That’s pretty easy. Add up your paycheck stubs or find the data from your bank account online. Next, find out what you’re spending each month. The best way to do this is go through your receipts, credit card and bank statements, line-by-line. Take out a notebook, divide it into sections such as "food," "entertainment" and "debt." Then place the dollar amount for each expense in the appropriate category.

Determine How Much Rent You Can Afford

Now that you know how much you earn and spend each month, it’s time to make an actual budget so you can see how much money you have to spend on rent. The rule-of-thumb is to spend no more than 30 percent on housing, and finance author Elizabeth Warren advocates no more than 50 percent of your income should be spent on housing and other needs which includes food, utilities, your car and insurance, according to Mint.com. To get you started, use one of the budget templates from Kiplingers or Dave Ramsey.

Find A Roommate

If you don’t like the numbers you’ve come up with, consider finding a roommate to share expenses with you. Depending on your area, you might even be able to rent a house for the price of an apartment, and get a few roommates which could reduce your expenses significantly. Or if you value your freedom and privacy, consider picking up a part-time job, freelancing or turning your hobby into a side job to bring in the money you need to make ends meet.

Ask How Much Utilities Run

Once you have a price range in mind, you need to ask potential landlords how much utilities run each month and who is responsible for payment. Do keep in mind you probably won’t get an exact number and the previous tenants may have taken daily baths in the extra-large tub or kept the lights and television on 24/7. You’ll be able to control your energy consumption, and if you need tips on how to save on utilities, check out the list of ten tips from Bank Rate.

Separate Your "Wants" From Your "Needs"

To make sure your budget works, and you don’t find yourself racking up credit card debt, you need to clearly know which things are necessary for daily living, and which are non-essentials. Meat, veggies and milk are needed to maintain a healthy body but ice cream, chips and beer can be eliminated from your grocery list when push comes to shove. Some things fall in a gray area, like television and Internet. People have lived — and still do — without them, but they do help you communicate with others and stay up-to-date with the world. To save the most, bundle your services with a company like Centurylink which will save you money. Borrow books, magazines and movies from the library and use coupons when you eat out.

Author: Debrah Stokes

Debrah became a real estate agent after spending 12 years as a high school science teacher. She loves the change of pace the career change has brought to her life.


Aspen has been very busy this fall! We want to welcome 4 new properties to our team!

Aspen took over management of The Preserve at Alafia apartments in Riverview, FL in the end of September. Located just minutes from Downtown Tampa, The Preserve at Alafia is truly a hidden gem. clubhouse-exterior_01When you make this community your home, you are sure to enjoy top quality 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartment homes for a fraction of huge city prices. Every home features an oversized layout with numerous cabinet and closet space. Beautiful wood plank and tile flooring highlights the stunning wood cabinetry in the kitchens and baths. Enjoy a private balcony looking over the preserve or river and reap the benefits of being just moments from everything. The Preserve at Alafia is pet friendly and offer you and your 4 legged family member a great park area to run and play. The community also offers plenty of walking trails throughout the community and preserve, a boat launch for canoes or kayaks, a lovely swimming pool with an infinity spa overlooking the beautiful Alafia River, a state-of-the-art fitness center open 24-hours, grilling and BBQ picnic stations throughout the community and 24-hour emergency maintenance. Enjoy our fishing Pier and boat dock and our optional covered or garage parking and rental storage units.

In early October, Aspen purchased Clemson Ridge (formerly known as North Woods Apartments). Clemson Ridge offers floor plans which have the feel of a traditional style home while building-exterior_04 providing residents with the conveniences and benefits of apartment living! These gorgeous apartments have plush wall to wall neutral carpet that allows you to decorate as you please making your apartment home your very own. (Select units offer wood style flooring.) Each unit includes a separate dining room in addition to breakfast bar so you can make the most of your home the way you please! As well as the great space within the apartment residents are able to enjoy their very own private patios built with additional outdoor storage space. Aside from the interiors at Clemson Ridge Apartments, the community offers many resort-style amenities. A swimming pool with sundeck, community laundry room, a playground as well as a fitness center & business center in the works!

Also purchased in early October was The Lexington at Winter Park, (formerly known as Hidden Pond building-exterior_03Apartments) located in Winter Park, FL. Located just minutes away from downtown Orlando, The Lexington at Winter Park offers 1, 2 and 3 bedroom apartment homes. All apartments offer spacious bedrooms, plush carpeting, central air & heating as well as your very own private patio or balcony. Our renovations will include updated kitchens & baths as well as washer and dryer connections. In addition to these wonderful interiors, The Lexington also offers many amenities such as a swimming pool, an internet cafe and a fitness center!

Lastly, we would like to welcome The Preserve at Spring Lake (formerly known as Spring Lake Hills poolApartments), located in Altamonte Springs, FL. Just minutes from Uptown Altamonte and sitting alongside Spring Lake, The Preserve at Spring Lake offers 1, 2 and 3 bedroom floor plans as well as 2 and 3 bedroom townhomes. This community’s floor plans offer open kitchens with ample cabinet space, extra storage closets and spacious bedrooms with walk-in closets. The Preserve at Spring Lake also offers many amenities that you will enjoy! A state-of-the-art fitness center, a sparkling swimming pool with sundeck, a business center and tennis court just to name a few! 


Setting up a quality study space given cramped quarters is crucial for the success of any work style. Whether you’re fresh out of high school in your first real dorm room, working on your final senior capstone project in your very own apartment, or finishing a work project the Sunday before its due date, it’s all the same scenario. While many dorm rooms and apartments come equipped with a decent desk or work space situation, it’s not nearly enough for one to be successful. Check out our guide to a successful work space in a limited space set up.


  • Keep all of your supplies in one dedicated space, whether it is a drawer, box or shelf. Make sure you’re stocked up on what you need, whether it is pens, pencils, binder clips, etc. Nothing ruins a quality work session like running to the store for a few pens. Photo Sep 23, 4 33 07 PM

Clean & Organize

  • Clean up at the end of a night of homework, or at the end of a project if you must leave things out. A clean work space will allow a clear mind and plenty of space to spread out when it’s the next time to study or work. 


  • Many dorms and apartments alike offer basic overhead lighting, but won’t give adequate workspace lighting. Invest in a small desk lamp to focus on your work station. Also, make sure the area as a whole is lit well. Adjustable overhead lighting or adjustable light switches are a great option and can be found in relatively cheap options. These will allow you to have bright lighting for daily use, and warm, accent lighting for study sessions.

Know what you like, understand yourself

  • Do you like pictures and posters plastered everywhere, or is that a distraction to you? Understand how you work best and adjust your workspace accordingly. Some people work best with clutter and relative disorganization on their desk, while others prefer nothing more than a laptop and a book at any given time.

Keep a calendar or planner Photo Sep 23, 4 33 34 PM

  • This is a crucial to the organizational process. Anything from a large desktop calendar to a small, notebook sized day planner will go miles in the organizational process. Jot down due dates, meetings, appointments or any other obligations you may have. This will eliminate missed due dates, and help keep a clearer psyche.

Avoid outside distractions whenever possible

  • Depending on the location or layout of your dorm or apartment, distractions that you have no control over are inevitable. Crying babies or loud neighbors in the pool are environmental circumstances you have no choice but to work around. A pair of noise canceling headphones or studying with a partner (studying, not procrastinating) can all be ways to stay focused.

There is no one correct way to organize a study space or work environment. Everyone has varying preferences and needs. By planning ahead and knowing what works for you, it’s possible to create a functional work space in any situation.


Aspen has been very busy during the month of August by purchasing another 5 properties. We want to welcome these communities to the Aspen Team!

Building-Exterior_03 The Pines at Carolina Place is located in Pineville, NC and is a community designed to offer all the benefits and amenities of luxury apartment living at an affordable cost. This community offers beautiful and spacious one, two and three bedroom floor plans. Striking, lush landscaping creates a park-like setting that satisfies your eye as well as your lifestyle. Our unique apartment homes offer full size washer and dryer connections. You have the choice of renting a home with a washer and dryer already installed or you can bring your own. Our spacious floor plans also feature large chef-style kitchens with plenty of cabinet space. You also can enjoy a dining room table. The kitchen has a breakfast bar that opens to extensive living areas. Your new home also has a private patio that allows you to enjoy the views of the communities beautiful landscaping. We offer a living experience like no other that allows you to relax comfortably at home. All this on top of great amenities such as a fitness center, a sparkling swimming pool, a business center and more!

Deerfield Crossing is centrally located between Greensboro, Chapel Hill and Raleigh, making it a convenient location close to your daily routine. Deerfield’s apartment homes offer updated, spacious Building-Exterior_05one, two and three bedroom floor plans which feature all the assets you need at an affordable price! Each floor plan features large, open designs, huge walk-in closets, washer and dryer connections and a private patio or balcony with extra storage. On top of all this, Deerfield Crossing also features amazing amenities for residents to enjoy. From a sparkling swimming pool to an on-site state-of-the-art fitness center, residents will enjoy the luxury of having all these amenities right at home!

The Retreat at Dublin Creek, formerly known as River Parkway, is located in Montgomery, AL. The Retreat offers Building-Exterior_02one, two and three bedroom apartment homes featuring large kitchens with all the appliances you could ask for. Each floor plan also offers your very own private patio or balcony with additional storage. On top of your spacious apartment, The Retreat also offers resort-style amenities such as a clubhouse where you can hang out with other residents or get a work out in the 24-hour fitness center, a sparkling swimming pool and a tennis court. It also offers stunning lake views, as it is situation on a lake. This community is located just minutes from Downtown Montgomery, Montgomery Zoo, Riverwalk Stadium, Wind Creek Casino and much more including Alabama State University, making this a great student housing option for ASU students.

Abby Creek Apartments, formerly known as Tuscany Village, is located in Carmichael, CA in the heart of Sacramento County. This community offers one and two bedroom apartments homes conveniently walkway_02located within walking distance to all the areas shopping, banks, restaurants and more! Each apartment home boasts fully-applianced kitchens, central air conditioning and heat and washer and dryer connections. Some apartments also offer a private patio/balcony and walk-in closets for you convenience . Abby Creek boasts 10 different floor plan options so they are sure to have one that fits your living needs. In addition, they also offer a sparkling swimming pool, 2 on-site laundry facilities, covered parking and a community garden! This community is just minutes away from American River College and just a short scenic drive to Sacramento State University and the historic Mather Air Force Base.

The Lakes of Holland, formerly known as The Meadows of Holland, is located in Holland, MI which has been recognized as one of the best places in the U.S. to live, work, retire and vacation! Located just minutes from the beaches of Lake Michigan and the quaint historical downtown Holland, The Lakes of Holland is sure to have the perfect home for you! This community offers beautiful, spacious one, two and three bedroom building-exterior_02floor plans. Each floor plan is complete with washer and dryer appliances for your convenience, as well as large kitchens with all the appliances you have come to rely on. The kitchen opens to an extensive living area with a sliding glass door to your very own private patio or balcony. You will also enjoy our great amenities like our resident clubhouse with BBQ grills on the deck or bring the kids to enjoy the day at our playground.  Whether it is close proximity to local businesses or the luxury of coastal living, The Lakes of Holland offers something for everyone.

So if you are looking for a new home in any of these towns, be sure to check these communities out! Visit www.aspensquare.com to see our complete list of beautiful apartment communities located in 15 states!

Whether you are moving into a new space or just trying to make your current living space comfortable, the question always comes to mind – How much square footage is enough?Couple with blueprints.

The answer to this question obviously varies by person and their living situation. We’ve done some research and surveyed many people with various living situations, some who were very happy with the space they had, and others wishing they had much more space. Most people were happy with the space they had, but wished they had more storage space (cabinetry, pantry, closets, etc.)

We found that 58% of 1-person living arrangements are living in 800-1000 sq ft homes, 29% in 1001+ sq ft homes and 15% are living in 700 sq ft homes. Only 15% had an animal living with them. 100% of these individuals surveyed were comfortable with their living arrangement, with 45% of them wishing they had just a bit more space.

We also found that 50% of 2-person living arrangements are living in 800-1000 sq ft homes, 17% are living in 700-799 sq ft homes, 17% are living in 1001+ sq ft homes, and 6% are living in less than 600 sq ft homes. Out of all these individuals surveyed, 45% of them wished they had more space, but mainly just for storage. 56% of these people had pets living with them, but still thought their space was sufficient enough to live in with the 2 people and pet(s).

When it comes to 3-person living arrangements, we found that 34% lived in either 600-700 sq ft or 1001-2000 sq ft homes. 23% lived in 701-1000 sq ft homes and 12% lived in greater than 2001 sq ft homes. 45% of these individuals had pet(s) living with them. We found that 78% of these people wished they had more space for the amount of people living there.

We found that 67% of 4-person living arrangements were living in 1100-1300 sq ft homes, where 34% were living in 2010 sq ft homes. 34% of these people were living with pet(s). 50% of these individuals surveyed wished they had more space, but mainly just some storage space.

When it comes to 5-person living arrangements, 100% of them lived in 1200 sq ft homes and only 34% wished they had more storage space.

We found that 67% of 7-person living arrangements were living in 1500 sq ft homes, and 34% were living in 1100 sq ft homes. 100% of these individuals surveyed were happy with their current living space and didn’t wish they had more space.iStock_000005457175XSmall

So, as you can see, our research shows a very diverse range of answers. But, when you break it down to square footage per person, we average about 450-500 square feet per person would make for a very comfortable living space. This obviously fluctuates from person to person, depending on their specific living arrangement and storage needs. Hopefully this research will give you a better idea on how much space you need when you are looking for a new apartment or house.


Looking for a new place to live? Check out all the great apartment communities that Aspen Square has to offer? With many different square footage options:

· Wildwood at Villa Rica – Villa Rica, GA

· Villaggio at La Quinta – La Quinta, CA

· Township Square – Saginaw-Township, MI

· The Lakes at Port Richey – Port Richey, FL

· The Overlook – Waco, TX

· Southwood Acres – Westfield, MA

· Bella Terraza – Jacksonville, FL

· Pine Lake – Palm Coast, FL

If these are not in your area, visit www.aspensquare.com to see all of our other apartment communities located in 16 different states!


This month, Aspen Square Management, Inc. purchased yet another property! We want to welcome The Terraces of Western Cranston to our team! Formerly known as “Springfield Apartments,” The Terraces of Western Cranston let’s you experience the best in New England style living just minutes from Providence and other exciting urban centers.Pool_01

At The Terraces, the good life is what we’re all about. Elegant design and quality craftsmanship are everywhere you turn, yet living well also means making time for relaxed, resort-style fun, whether this includes getting up a game of tennis or on our lighted court, dangling your toes in our glittering pool, lounging on the deck with a great read, or strolling down the hill for a leisurely weekend breakfast. At The Terraces, you’ll always feel at home as you cozy up beside the fire in our Clubhouse, manage your workload in our computer-equipped Wi-Fi Business Center, or train in our complimentary fitness facility. These amenities were designed for you.

When it comes to premium apartments for rent in Cranston, RI, you won’t find a community offering more quality, comfort and value than The Terraces. Discover the joys of quality living at The Terraces- A Natural Departure from Everyday Life.

Find out more about some of our newest additions: