About Aspen Square Management

Over sixty years ago, Aspen Square Management’s founder and visionary leader, Harold Grinspoon, had a simple but powerful idea. If he purchased apartments, fixed them up, rented them out, and then provided exceptional customer service for his residents, he could not only make a living, but improve the quality of residents’ lives. He started out by purchasing two and three family houses in Western Massachusetts. From this modest beginning, he grew Aspen Square Management into what it is today, one of the top fifty apartment owners and management companies in the United States.

Today, Aspen Square Management operates over seventy five communities in fifteen states around the country. Being both the owner and manager of these communities is unique in the industry. It means we are not just managing our communities as a business to collect fee income, but as owners we are managing to create the best possible living experience for our residents. This translates into an enhanced focus on customer service, maintenance of the communities, and attention to detail.

What also makes us unique is that we are a privately held company. This means that we can make decisions that benefit our residents rather than outside investors whose interests may not align with the communities’ best interests. Rather than managing our communities with an eye on the daily fluctuations of our stock price, which can cause some companies to make decisions to cut back on service or improvements, we can focus on serving our residents and on consistently upgrading our communities for the long run.

The biggest advantage which Aspen has is our dedicated and talented staff. Because of our unique advantages and success over the years, we have been able to attract the best and brightest employees in the industry. Their goal is to make sure you experience the “Aspen Difference” – beautifully landscaped grounds, common area amenities including clubhouses and resort-style pools and decks, designer kitchens and baths, 24-hour emergency maintenance, and much more.

While the company has grown over the years, the core values Mr. Grinspoon built the company on remain the same and have only grown stronger…leasing quality apartments, providing exceptional customer service, and most significantly knowing that through our work, we are improving the quality of life for our residents.

  • "Aspen has allowed me to grow tremendously not only professionally, but personally also. There’s a reason why employees have been around for countless years, Aspen treats their employees like family."


    Community Manager
  • "I’m lucky to work with the people that I do – we all strive to be successful, be creative, and have fun while doing it!"


    Traveling Manager
  • "Aspen is not just another corporate company, it is a family. Working at Aspen is so much fun because there is never a dull day! With so many great leaders and managers, Aspen is a company that cares about people and is very team focused! I am so proud to be an Aspenite!"


    Traveling Leasing & Marketing Associate
  • "From my first day as a Leasing and Marketing Consultant, to today as a Talent Acquisition Specialist, Aspen has provided me with the tools I’ve needed to excel and develop in my career."


    Talent Acquisition Specialist
  • "I am fortunate to have spent 6 years so far growing both personally and professionally with Aspen. Along the way I’ve had the pleasure to work alongside some of the best and learn from outstanding supervisors who have been fully invested in my career."


    Community Manager
  • "Traveling with Aspen has allowed me to work with a variety of creative people in my career, each one of them inspiring me to stretch the boundaries of my creative professional interests."


    Senior Traveling Manager
  • "Aspen has provided me the opportunity to work side by side with many people that at this point I would consider like family to me. Taking a job with Aspen has been one of the best decisions I have ever made."


    District Operations Supervisor
  • "Aspen has provided me the opportunity to work with an amazing family of people all while seeing the country and getting to do what I enjoy."


    Senior Traveling Manager
  • "The best part of my job is working with the smart, dynamic and dedicated people that make up the Aspen Family. The culture is really unique - fun, fast-paced and challenging all at the same time."


    Executive Recruiter
  • "I love that the Aspen culture promotes creativity and collaboration. I am so fortunate to have the opportunity to work with and learn from such talented coworkers, both in the Home Office and all over the country."


    Director of Payroll
  • "Working for Aspen for the past 17 years, has allowed me the opportunity to develop and grow my career while still maintaining a work/life balance."


    Community Manager
  • "I have been a part of the Aspen Family for 34 years. I love the support you get and the resources that are available to achieve and exceed your goals. Your potential is unlimited with Aspen."


    District Operations Supervisor
  • "I love working for Aspen because they genuinely care for all of their employees and have given me the opportunity to grow with company. Aspen has provided me with lifelong friends and an incredible working environment for almost two decades."


    Accounts Payable
  • "Aspen has made a long-lasting impact in my career and in my life, because it is a family oriented organization that cares not only about the employee, but also about the employee’s family. I will forever cherish my knowledge and friendships attained during my over ten years working with this amazing company."


    Senior Traveling Manager
  • "From make ready tech to foreman, Aspen has afforded me the opportunity for advancement, all with the support and training required for success. Aspen has tremendous opportunities for advancement, travel, as well as personal and professional development."


    Property Foreman

The Beginning...

Mr. Grinspoon's first property

Mr. Grinspoon became a landlord for the first time when he purchased this duplex in West Springfield, MA. From a single investment fifty-years ago, to owning and managing thousands of apartments nationwide, Mr. Grinspoon has spent the last sixty years pursuing his passion - real estate.