Apartments in California

Learn more about living in California

Once you experience living in California, you’ll know why so many people make this beautiful state their home. From local Farmers’ Markets to diverse urban areas, beautiful beaches to world-renowned vineyards, Hollywood to National parks and everything in between, California has so much to offer. Finding a California apartment for rent is just the first step to embracing the West Coast lifestyle. For over 50 years, Aspen Square has provided its residents quality homes and our affordable apartments in California for rent are no exception.

Natural Beauty

California is home to rugged terrain and breathtaking natural beauty that can only be found in the Golden State. Renting in California puts you close to a number of National and state parks and nature preserves, including Yosemite, Joshua Tree, Big Sur and Lassen Volcanic National Park. The outdoor lover will find challenging trails, pristine lakes, California’s famous giant redwoods and miles of beautiful beaches. Renting an apartment in California will give you endless opportunities for outdoor recreation including skiing, fishing, kayaking, biking, fishing, surfing, boating and more. Whether you rent an apartment near California’s ancient forests or closer to the miles of unspoiled beaches, you’ll find a way to get outside. For those who have four-legged family members, Aspen Square's pet friendly apartments in California are the perfect place to call home for the whole family.


It's no surprise that Silicon Valley has become the home of technical innovation given that California is home to some of the top universities and colleges in the country. College-bound students renting in California will find numerous options for pursuing a degree. The University of California alone has ten campuses all over the state; not to mention Berkeley, California State University, University of Southern California and other colleges. Finding an apartment for rent in California near a college or university will put any student in the heart of innovation and academic excellence.

Vineyards & Culinary Delights

California’s warm and mild climate makes it not only a wonderful place to live but also allows for year-round fresh produce from the many farms and vineyards located throughout the state. California apartment dwellers have easy access local farmers markets, world class wine and artisanal produce. Because California is home to so many farms, local renters will find numerous restaurants and eateries that serve local, farm-to-table food. Whether you are dining out in one of California’s many fine restaurants, wine-tasting at a local vineyard or simply enjoying fresh produce from the market, as a California renter you are sure to find the freshest ingredients native to the area.